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Many great inventions we’re discovered by accident. Troubled times give birth to strong men. But every great story starts from humble beginnings. This is the story of Teppanyaki, a success story like many but not quite the same.

Our story begins with a female protagonist with a will of fire and a stomach for good food. The scene takes us to Taiwan 1984, a time when the world was bigger and full of wonder for the unknown. On a trip there she came across a restaurant which offered showmanship in food preparation. You guessed right, it was a Teppanyaki restaurant, one of the first of its kind. There was something magical about the whole scene, the sound of clashing steel between the spatula and the grill, flames that spat upward in plain view, the chefs at their stations and that sizzle blending with the environment but ever present. Its was love at first sight and even we think that's making an understatement.

But enough with the razzle dazzle, will it qualify the taste test? After waiting in line for what seemed like an eternity will the food justify the crowd. The very question was answered on that first bite and once more love blossomed, it was at first taste. Our protagonist Madam Lee has experienced something not many Malaysians got to back In the 80’s and thus the neurons flared and an idea was conceived. There came a conviction to share this discovery back home. For Madam Lee home is where the stomach is, her will to take this new found treasure home was the first chapter in our story.

The birth of Teppanyaki was a laborious one. Building on a dream has never been easy. Having no experience in managing a restaurant and only wanting to serve it as authentic as it is she journeyed on a quest. A quest to get the right people, equipment and ingredients for the job but a quest nonetheless. She knew she needed the right chemistry of things before getting started. The end result was a small team of passionate people who were brought together in pursuit of of this dream. She received help from a famed Teppanyaki chef in producing their succulent sauce which flavors a majority of their dishes. Everything had to be top notch and 2nd best was never going to cut it for Madam Lee..

The 80’s, the start of the technological revolution and official inauguration of the famed Teppanyaki at Sg Wang Plaza. It was a time when the world was opening up but still foreign. A time when a Caucasian or African would turn heads on the streets followed by intrigue whispers. The birth of a restaurant like Teppanyaki was something absolutely new to young Malaysia. Malaysian curiosity certainly played a part in the long queues they were serving since the start of the operation and its exotic yet succulent taste and attractive prices kept them coming back. And as lady luck smiled from above the HK movie Teppanyaki aired in 1984 and hit the cinemas bringing droves of fans from all across Malaysia eager for a taste of the fabled Teppanyaki in Sg Wang Plaza.

Diligence has always been a mantra for our founder Mrs Lee. Diligence is practiced in every as aspect of the business from food preparation to the staffs selected. A business that ran like clockwork serving the droves of hungry clients all eager for that first bite into the famed mouth watering, generously portioned Teriyaki Chicken Rice. Whats better then you usual Chicken Rice? A Teriyaki one of course! It hit the taste buds of Malaysians like throwing a grenade in a barrel. As the their restaurant became the talk of the town no bus or bicycle ride was too far.

Diligence is practiced in every aspect of the business taking strides to ensure everything is in place and every ingredient is up to par. Passion is often an overrated word but not in this story. It show in every aspect of the business from the quality of their ingredients to its attempt to keep prices low. As Teppanyaki customer base grew they were always short handed. Having a place in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and the cities insatiably hunger for their food it couldn’t be helped and there they operate to this day.

When asked how she would like to be remembered Madam Lee answered quite quaintly “she doesn’t want to be”. A woman who distinguished Japanese food culture in Malaysia while single handedly kickstarted and ran a restaurant since its establishment on the 28th of March 1984. A woman with the will of iron and a fiery passion for all things good in life.

The legacy continues with her son Mr Liew Jwo, an entrepreneur at heart with a nose and palate for good food as well. As the world modernizes we will uphold the culture and tradition of the original recipes we started with. The torch has been passed from one dream chaser to another and the fires heating the grills will always be lit. Teppanyaki is the embodiment of our founder Mrs Lee as Mr Liew Jwo looks into both expansion and upholding values we started with. The insatiable palates of all visitors will always find a place here at Teppanyaki. Great people, modest prices, fantastic food, whats else is there to say? Perfection manifest.

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